From Talented CEO To Gambling Kingpin: The Shocking Transformation Of Phan Sao Nam

Phan Sao Nam, a talented CEO in the technology industry, took a path of illegal activities when he became one of the two masterminds behind the billion-dollar gambling operation Rikvip, alongside Nguyen Van Duong.

Before delving into criminal activities, Phan Sao Nam had an impressive career in the technology field. He was known as a young, dynamic, and talented entrepreneur in the online gaming industry. With his rugged and charismatic appearance, he exuded charm and a carefree spirit. The surprise among many people grew when they learned that Nam was running a large-scale illegal gambling network through Rikvip.

Phan Sao Nam pursued and graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. He also obtained a master’s degree in Business Technology from a university in South Korea. Upon returning to Vietnam, during the booming internet market, Nam spent time as a Deputy Director at FPT Internet Center in Ho Chi Minh City, the predecessor of FPT Telecom. However, due to the company undergoing restructuring, recruitment and appointments were not immediately carried out.

Nevertheless, Nam did not want to wait and decided to join the Software and Communication Company VASC in Hanoi. Although he initially accepted a non-salaried position for two months, he hoped to gain early experience in the technology field.

In 2006, Phan Sao Nam was appointed as Deputy Director of VTC Intecom. Within just two years, he quickly rose to become the Chairman of the Board of Directors at VTC Online.

However, the promising career of Phan Sao Nam came to an end when he became involved in the Rikvip gambling case. Investigative authorities concluded that Nam and Nguyen Van Duong utilized advanced technology to organize online gambling activities. Nam instructed company employees to establish server infrastructure for the Tip.Club/Rikvip gaming platform and reconcile revenue from gambling operations. As a result, he illicitly profited with an amount totaling 1.475 trillion Vietnamese dong.

After obtaining these ill-gotten gains, Phan Sao Nam employed various methods to transfer money through intermediaries and utilized the assistance of friends and relatives to invest, contribute to projects, and purchase real estate in an attempt to legitimize the funds.

The transformation of an outstanding tech CEO into the Rikvip gambling kingpin, as exhibited by Phan Sao Nam, shocked and captured public attention. This story serves as an example of the diversity and complexity of life, highlighting how personal choices can lead to unexpected paths for each individual.



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